Office Description

The office is located in Mt. Pleasant near the bridge.  I have two offices I use to work with children,adults and families.  The office is designed to be comfortable and relaxing which can put  you more at ease when you are there to address difficult, challenging and often painful issues.  I fell blessed to be afforded the opportunity to share and consult in this capacity.  I take this role very seriously and thoughtfully.


I have a separate playroom for therapy with children.  I use both rooms for family therapy also.  The playroom is designed therapeutically to support children in play , which is their natural medium of communication.  When they have a sense of safety and feel understood through this relationship they can explore  their thoughts and emotions related to their experience of the world, have healing and learn coping skills as needed.  When children are in therapy, I work with parents as a team to facilitate achievement of identified goals.


It became clear to me years ago that I needed to bring the power of faith and God into my work with families.  I am respectful of all religions.  I do not require spiritual involvement in the process and am happy to utilize Godly resources only when this is desired.


If you feel that my services don’t address your needs, I wish you well in your fourney for help and healing.